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Real AlphaNumeric Keyboard

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Type without frequently switching between ABC and 123 keyboards.Real AlphaNumeric Keyboard uses the same space on main keyboard to automatically display individual number keys or word suggestion box as needed.
The size of the keys and the keyboard are the same as a standard Android keyboard.
The numeric keys are displayed by default on main keyboard. When you type numbers or a combination of numbers and letters, the numeric keys remain on keyboard. When you start typing a word, the word suggestion box replaces the numeric keys.
Features- Individual number keys on main keyboard- Individual punctuation keys on main keyboard- Standard Android key and keyboard size- Word suggestion- Personal dictionary
How it works- The keyboard automatically displays numeric keys or word suggestion box as needed.- To add a new word to personal dictionary, tap on it in the word suggestion box.- To remove a word from personal dictionary, long press on it in the word suggestion box.How to enable AlphaNumeric Keyboard- Go to Settings.- Go to Language and input- Select Default- Select AlphaNumeric Keyboard

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